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Westlake is a suburb that is located in Tarrant County as well as Denton County in the United States. It is commonly known as a relatively upscale suburb of Fort Worth. The population of this area is over 1000 people and it continues to expand with the influx of individuals working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Westlake was originally settled in the year 1847 with just 20 families and since then has continued to expand rapidly. The area of Westlake took its name from Southlake, Texas and although it considers itself to be town it is still a city based off of its size and the government documents which were originally filed for the suburb.

Individuals in Westlake are served by Carroll ISD which includes Walnut Grove Elementary School, Carroll High School, Carroll Senior High School and the Durham Intermediate School. The western portion of the town could also attend Bear Creek Intermediate School or Florence Elementary School.

Some of the notable residents that currently live in Westlake include the Jonas Brothers and Josh Hamilton the Texas Rangers baseball player. Mark Teixeira, Jason Witten, Vernon Wells, Terry Bradshaw and Glenn Beck all call Westlake home today. The area is known for its extremely diverse and well-kept neighborhoods and although it is a fairly small population center, it has a number of quite wealthy and famous residents. The median income for families in Westlake sits around $150,000 making it one of the richest suburb communities in the United States.

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