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Our Houston Moving Guide

Moving is not an easy task and dealing with movers can be a headache if you choose the wrong provider, which is why we made this moving guide. It can be extremely frustrating and intolerable at times. There are ways though to make it a little less stressful and better for you. Using this moving guide, you can make your Houston move a more efficient and easier one.

Moving Guide

The whole moving process can usually take a few months if you want to do it right. Moving is difficult, and it takes a lot of work, but everyone’s moving experience can be a little different, so feel free to just skip around because this is just a general moving guide. There are four different phases of the moving process: Preparing for the move, packing your belonging, labeling and managing all of your items, and eventually moving into your new place.

Preparing For Your Houston Movers

Our Houston Moving Guide - Hercules Movers & Packers

The first things you need to do in the preparation process is to change over your utilities, forward your mail to the new address, get all of your packing supplies, etc. Transferring your information is probably the first thing that you would want to do in the moving process. The next thing that you would want to do is go out and buy packing supplies for a good price. The purchase of tape and boxes can add up to a lot of money, but you can avoid some of these expenses by going to places where free boxes are handed out. A place that receives a lot of daily shipments like a furniture store is a good bet. Be sure to ask the store in advance if they would be willing to give you their used boxes. If you have any friends that might be moving before you are, it is probably a good idea to ask them if you can use their used boxes once they are finished with them.

The downside of using used boxes is the condition that they come in. It is possible that the boxes are damaged and will not hold all of the contents that you put in them. If you absolutely must have new boxes for your move, shop around and find the best prices. Make sure also to buy some good tape for the move. Bad tape will not hold your boxes well like good tape will. Getting the right tools for your move is also important. Make sure that you rent a hand truck and a furniture dolly, both are relatively inexpensive.

Our Houston Moving Guide - Hercules Movers & Packers

Be sure to take measurements of your possessions and of your new place. The things that fit well in your old place may not necessarily fit the same way in your new place. They might be too big or even too small. Make an appointment to see your new place and take measurements of where you want the pieces of furniture to go, then go back to the furniture and make sure that they will fit.

If you are doing the whole move yourself, you are going to need to rent a moving truck. U-Haul is usually the company that people tend to gravitate towards when picking their moving truck. Make sure when renting a truck to consider the price that it takes to rent the truck, the mileage that you will be putting on the truck, getting insurance on the truck, and to reserve your truck in advance, so it is available at the time of your move. Make sure to also reserve the help of your family and friends. Moving alone is something that just cannot be done, you will need the help of someone whether it is your friends and family or it is hired help.

Packing For Your Houston Move

Packing is an art. Nobody really likes to do it, but when you are moving, it is, of course, obligatory. The first thing that you are going to want to do is pack like you are packing for a vacation. you want to set aside and pack all of your essentials like your clothing and toiletries which should all fit in a carry-on suitcase. You might want to do this for about a week before you move and if anything just live out of that suitcase for the week.

You might think that packing room by room is a great idea, and it is, but it may get a little complicated at times. Your living room may have electronics and pillows, which obviously cannot be packed simultaneously. It is best to try to pack each room individually, if possible, but if not, attempt to pack like items and if you have some free space in the boxes, try sticking a book in there or something of the sort.

There are items that you may label as “miscellaneous” that do not belong to any particular room. Set these items aside and use them as fillers in boxes if necessary. Put these items in a plastic bag and label them as the miscellaneous items that they are so you know exactly where to go when you are looking for these things.

Overall, try the best that you can to keep boxes as room-specific as possible and if you need to, use the fillers to fill the boxes up. When you have everything that you need in the right place at the right time, it can reduce unnecessary stress and make the move a lot easier. Staying organized can save you time as well.

Managing & Labeling Your Items

Our Houston Moving Guide - Hercules Movers & Packers

Dealing with unmarked boxes can be a nightmare. Nobody wants to deal with boxes that are unmarked; it is just a big waste of time. There are many ways to label and keep track of your belongings, so you can avoid stress on the day of the move. People usually use a black marker to label their boxes, but this might not always be the best method since you may have many different, random items in the box and you cannot actually search for hand-written text. Using a computer in this situation is ideal.

There are mobile inventory applications out there that you can use to make your move a little easier. With these applications, you can assign boxes to rooms, take photographs of all of your items, and then email the inventory to your computer. Writing all these items down in your mobile phone does not take as much time as you would expect, you actually save time doing this as opposed to walking over to your computer every second to add a new item. Adding photos to your mobile application is also easier because you can just take the photograph with the application itself and not have to upload it after taking the picture.

When labeling boxes, you should mention the contents of the boxes and the relative weight of the boxes. You should also make sure to mark which side of the box should remain in the upright position. By knowing how much the box weighs, you can avoid putting a heavy box on top of a lighter box.

Moving Guide For Your New Home

If you have taken the proper steps to prepare, unpacking should not be too difficult of a task. The first thing that you should do is assemble your disassembled furniture like your bed. If you are not sure how to reassemble the bed, you can probably call the manufacturer, and they can send over instructions.

Make sure to clean all of the furniture before bringing it into your new home. If your furniture was clean before the move, chances are that it became dirty during the move. Take some time and make sure to go over every piece of furniture and ensure that it is clean. To keep the place mostly clutter free, use your closet space as a temporary means for storage. This way you will have more room to unpack and keep the place clutter free.

You can use Craiglist to dispose of most of your unwanted belongings. Make sure to check with your association (if you have one) regarding what to do with your trash once you are finished with your move. If you want, you can recycle all of the things that are recyclable. Maybe give your used boxes to a friend that is going to move in the near future.

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