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mckineyMckinney is located in Collin County, Texas. McKinney is only second in population to Plano, Texas. The city itself is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area and sits just 37 miles away from northern Dallas.

McKinney is growing rapidly and sits at one of the second fastest-growing cities in Texas, with more than 100,000 people. Currently, the city’s population sits at just over 168,000 people making it in the top 20 most populated cities within Texas. This area of Texas was first settled in 1849 and since then has branched out considerably.  McKinney makes the process easier for commuters as there are two major US highways including the US 75 and the US 380. The city is bordered directly by the Sam Rayburn Tollway which is also a popular commuting route.

McKinney receives a fair amount of traffic through the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which is directly connected with this Tollway.

Connected closely with McKinney, is the Craig Ranch Development which is a large-scale development with shopping centers and residents. This new development is serviced by a transportation network of trolley buses making it even easier for commuters.

McKinney also has private and business air services that operate out of the McKinney National Airport. Arrow County Airport is also located within the McKinney city limits. Both of these areas are crucial to creating opportunities for shipping and quick travel to the area. McKinney did at one time have a public transit solution but the contracted services for this public transit system have been eliminated since the year 2015. However, new urban transit planning is considered to be on the way in McKinney for commuters.

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