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How to Host a Yard Sale Before You Move

You’re excited about all of the opportunities that await you on your move. You are already thinking about furniture arrangements, organizing your kitchen, and getting the kid’s toys properly managed. But, then, you realize just how much “stuff” you really do have. Host a yard sale before you move. You’ll be able to tuck away some money to help with the move while also getting rid of all of those extra items you really do not need or want to take with you when you go.

Steps to Planning a Successful Moving Or Yard Sale

Take a look at a few helpful tips to help you have a successful yard sale. No matter what your goals are (from clearing out the over-packed garage for getting rid of the mounds of clothes) you’ll want to plan early for success.

#1. Make it a priority to clean off anything added to your garage sale. Show people what the item is really worth by cleaning it. No one wants to guess what that sticky stuff is. Wipe it off, dust it, or launder it as needed before you place it for sale.

#2. Keep your prices reasonable. Most people visiting a yard sale expect to pay very little for items. If you really can’t price it lower than what you bought it for, you may not be ready to sell it. Be willing to negotiate prices with the potential buyer, too.

#3. Advertise your yard sale. A basic ad can get the attention of avid garage sale visitors. Use classified ads both online and offline to communicate your message. But, don’t stop there. Be sure you advertise locally either with flyers or signs placed by busy intersections.

#4. Pay a bit more for your ad if you can do so. Express that you are moving and have a lot to go (if that’s the truth.) If you buy a larger ad, you’ll get a bigger crowd in most cases.

#5. Get your yard sale set up the night before or very early in the morning. You want those first visitors to see everything you have to sell right at the start. You’ll also want to set up early so you have plenty of time to really get organized. Keep things neat and ordered by what it is.

#6. Use as many tables as is possible. You’ll sell more items if you lay them out more readily. This makes them easier to see and within reach. Most people will not dig through your boxes to find something worth buying.

#7. Do the promotion work. One of the most important, but often forgotten steps is to promote your event. Do this with signs, flyers, and ads, but go further than that. Tell people about it. Use social media to communicate to friends and family about it. Talk to your neighbors, people at church, or the other parents at your child’s school.

You can have a very successful yard sale just before your move. To make it happen, roll up your sleeves and create a plan of action.

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You can have a very successful yard sale just before your move. To make it happen, roll up your sleeves and create a plan of action.