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Commercial Moving

Commercial moving has different requirements than residential moves in Houston TX. For commercial moving, time is a huge factor. Our goal in local commercial moving is same day service. No matter how big the facility, warehouse, or office, we will be committed to pickup and delivery on the same day. Relocation downtimes have been reduced between 50% and 75% due to our experience and expertise. Ask us how we can help reduce packing and unpacking time which can take as much as a week, to as little as one day.

Unfortunately, some moving commercial moving companies will try to save money on labor by not sending enough movers to do the job. Hercules Movers and Packers we are Professional movers our customer comes first. Our professional movers are as large as needed, even up to 10-15 movers equipped with the necessary tools to ensure a professional, fast move.

The hallmarks of our professional commercial moving service include:

• Ensuring the integrity of your assets
• Protecting your confidential business information
• Keeping your building secure and undamaged

Some Questions to Ask When Commercial Moving is On Your Mind

Before the Move:

• What is the overall planning for a commercial moving?
• Has the move plan been reviewed with the new building team?
• Has your move advisor reviewed your move plan with engineering, building management, and security?
• Have you communicated the move with your employees?
• Has the IT Department ensured that the necessary security is up-to-date on company computers and IT systems?
• Are any files in locked cabinets confidential? If so, make sure your moving company is equipped to finish your move without requiring you to pack and unpack.

On the Day Commercial Moving:

• How will your company be able to tell that only professional movers are working on your move? Movers should be in uniforms with badges. In addition, ask your professional movers about background checks.
• Who is going to be present to ensure the integrity of your building?
• What process will be established to check for suspicious vehicles on the job sites, especially unmarked commercial ones?

Commercial Moving After The Move:

• How did your professional movers do?
• Did your move stay within its budget?
• Did your move counselor promptly follow up on claims?
• How quickly were your employees able to get back to work?

Commercial Moving Company in Houston TX - Hercules Movers & Packers

Commercial Moving Houston

No matter where your commercial moving company is relocating your business to, Hercules can make it happen. We have experience with commercial moving offices from downtown to the suburbs and vice versa or even all the way across the country. Learn how we can help you with our list of commercial services:

Office Movers

As a Houston commercial moving company, we will not turn down a job for being too small or too big. Your office will be ready to go, and your employees will be able to return to work quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Commercial Moving

Whether your move involves only one employee or an entire department, Hercules can make this life-changing transition a smooth and quick one.

Commercial Moving Company in Houston TX - Hercules Movers & Packers