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Certain items require highly trained and professional Houston movers. Here are a few examples of the of items that require personal care and specialty moving arrangements during Specialty Apartment Moving

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When Texas residents need experienced professional apartment movers specialty moving company, they rely on the moving professionals with a specialty moving company. Our professional movers are highly trained to move unique and specialty items of all kinds. They have the training, resources, and skills to pack, transport, and unpack even the largest and most expensive items without damaging them. With Hercules, you’ll receive an honest quote for moving any type of special/bulky item. We pride ourselves on our integrity, so you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs at the end of the move. Our moving service provides exceptional value because the dollies, shrink wrap, tape, moving blankets, wall and floor protectors, trucks, and fuel, are included in your estimate.

Apartment Moving Company – Pianos

Specialty Moving

Of all the items listed above, piano moving requires specialized knowledge and skills that even many experienced professional movers do not have. Acoustical pianos are extremely heavy. This is especially true for grand pianos or tall upright pianos with heavy playing mechanisms. However, at the same time pianos are quite fragile. Therefore, moving a piano must be both an art and a science. The fine cabinetry of a piano requires special care. In addition, the logistics of the move must be considered.

At Hercules moving company, we pride ourselves in the care taken with each piano move. Our professional movers use a combination of strength combined with skilled finesse and years of experience to move pianos without damaging them.